St. Jacob in Haus

Winter is a pleasant season in St.. Jakob in Haus, thanks to ski terrain Buchensteinwand, consisting of three villages Ulrich, Jakob and Hochfilzen. There is 6 km cross-country ski trails and 10 km of winter hiking trails prepared for walking. Race routes, ski and certainly touristic routes are connected for network of routes in region. during the summer  Pillersee valley is especially popular with families. Jakob in Haus offers an unforgettable experience in "Familienland PillerseeTal" - a huge playground for children, offering  1000 m indoor playground, pirate ship, a large zoo, and the roller-coaster. In the center of village there is a tennis court, if you prefer to walk or run there is a 3,8 km long route Rot / Mühlau.

In summer very popular for family is PillerseeTal region. St.Jakob in Haus offers great time in amusement/ theme  park” Familienland”  for example great playground , where there is pirate ship for children, rapid river, roller coaster, mer-go-round, landslides, swings and zoo. (In the city center) There are tennis courts for fans.   Everyone , who likes for example jogging , falls for 3,5 km Rot/Mühle. To the tourists disposal are 10 km tours and bike routes. In the country you can have a rest in the open air and  forget about all.