Hiking- Hiking promises a lot of unforgettable experiences in connection with beautiful

views. Undoubtedly it is a perfect place to walking with a tourguide  in order to relax.

Tourists can use 3 cable cars and 400km hiking tours.

XI World Championships in Hiking in St.Urlich am Pillersee

Hiking Days in PillerseeTal: 19.09-21.09.2013

Climbing-PillerseeTal offers 500 climbing routes(difficulty level A-D), 3 hiking gardens (Adolari, Wiesensee Halser Grund) and hiking hall.

Biking- in PillerseeTal there are ca.800km marked trails( 6 advance, 15 intermediate and 5 easy to mountain routes), breathtaking panoramic tours with fantastic views and bikes park Leogang.

Hire a bike: Intersport Shop Gunther in Fieberbrunn

Bike for adults: 15 EURO per day, Children: 8 EURO per day

Cycling helmet and child safety seat for FREE!!

Everyone , who hire bike fifth time , can try a modern e-bike with intelligent sensor, they give you extra power.

Guided biking tous through PillerseeTal :

Each Tuesday : Mountainbike tour in Waidring/Steinplatte

Meeteing point : Intersport Kienpointer 10 a.m.

Price (incl. bike): 15 EUR per Person, Price (own bike) 8 EUR

At least  5 participants.

Each Wendsday : Mountainbike tour Buchensteinwand

Meeting point: Intersport Gunther  10. a. m.

Price (incl. bike) 10 EUR per Person, wth own bike: 5 EUR

At least 5 participants.


Tennis- In PillerseeTal there is a tennis center with four tennis courts. Tennis courts are in Fieberbrunn( 6 beach tennis, 9-18 , courts on the lake Lauchsee), Hochfilzen (2 beach tennis courts, 1 hour play/ 1 player 5 €, tennis courts in Warming), St. Urlich am Pillersee ( 1 hour play costs 7€, Simon Lackner’s tennis courts) and Waidring ( 3 beach tennis courts by free time center, 10€/1 hour play).


Golf- PillerseeTal has 10 golf places in Kitzbühel, Kufstein and Salzburgerland.

Water fun- There are 3 lakes in PillerseeTal ( Waidring, Fieberbrunn and Almbald), 2 out- and indoor swimming pools (in Fieberbrunn and St.Urlich in Haus).

Horse -riding- For horse-lovers PillerseeTal offers PillerseeTal 5 horse stables.

Pit Pat play- this is a combination of billards and mini golf. You can try to play in campsite in Waidring.

Beach Volleyball- Waidring has the international volleyball court and you can use it only in summer time.

Price: ½ hour 5 €with tourist’s card( without card 5,50€), 1 hour 8€ with card( without card 9€)

Fishing-  Pillersee is a paradise for anglers, who like spin fishing and fishing trout. The lake , that has a crystal clear and cold water , is a great place not only for angler but also for family with children.

Pillersee price:

All day ticket: from 7a.m. to 8 p.m.- 25,00€

Half day ticket: from 1p.m. to 8p.m.- 18,00€

Lauchsee price:

All day ticket: from 8 7p.m. - 20,00€

Night ticket: from 8p.m. to 7a.m.- 18,00€

Non- recurrent yearly charge costs for adults 25€ and for youth 10€.


Timoks Alm- For younger children( 0-5 years old) Timoks Alm has special playground, that has 10 interactive stations. Available are for example: swing, playground with huge pillows etc.

High ropes park is prepared for all family , and has 18 stations.

Triassic Park- Theme Park composes 3 parts. In the first part, so-called “Triassic Centrum” all children can learn earth history from A to Z. Then after the theoretical training children take the opportunity  to admire for example sea life corals , dinosaurs, fossils.  Children can try work with microscope. In the second part children learn definitions of the words, for example: karst topography, triassic, fossil.

Length of the trip: 4 km.

Trip time:1,5 h.

 Meeting time: ca. 2-2,5 h

Difference of elevation: ca.210m.

In the third part children can swim in swimming pool with dinosaur.  


Familienland- Theme park offers 40 different attractions for family. For children for example: pirate ship , roller coaster, mini zoo with chamoises , hares, guinea pigs, gooses and ponys. For parents: microclimatic salt cave of 140 m2 contains.  Climbing fun can  use  80 trails, 16 metres high and total area 140m2.

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Tatzi Club- Every day waits for children lucky dragon , who will play with them. Every day Tatzi Club offers a new program e.g. one day on farm, cowboys & Indians , one day in Triassic Park and a lot of waterplays. During the bad weather lucky dragon has something spacial for children. 

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